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Construction Dispute Resolution
Construction Dispute Resolution

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Blair Anderson provides a complete service in the administration and control of projects and the management and resolution of construction disputes.

Blair Anderson employ qualified and experienced personnel; including practicing Arbitrators, Conciliators, Mediators, Adjudicators, Court Appointed Experts, Claims Managers and Expert Witnesses and Advocates in Arbitration, together with quantity surveryors, engineers and planner.

Appointing Blair Anderson allows project executives to focus on implementation, reduces litigation costs and expedites the settlement of disputes, saving abortive management time.

As an independent party the benefits of employing Blair Anderson ensures no conflict of interest and a balanced view, having no involvement in the project. Blair Anderson has successfully provided the services listed in this document to international corporations and other entities that recognise that protracted disputes are of no benefit to their profitability, yet, when remaining unresolved, have a negative effect on their supply chain management.

Contract Services

Project management
Contract review and tender evaluation
Contract advice during execution of the Works
Strategic studies
Contract forensic investigations & risk analyses
Claim production & maintenance
Claim defence & counterclaim
Establishing entitlement
Cause & effect analyses
Time impact analyses
Delay analyses
Financial recovery
Contract formulation

Dispute Resolution

Establishing dispute criteria
Notices to refer
Dispute Resolution Board

Arbitration & Litigation

Management of Arbitration process
Preparation of support documentation
Independent reviews, appraisals & risk analyses
Carry out discovery / disclosures
Preparation of pleadings & formal submissions
Access to legal counsel (UK)
Appointment as Expert Witness in arbitration and litigation
Expert Witness statements & evidence
Advocate in arbitration

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Amicable settlement